Southside Quail Farm Gulfport Mississippi

Family owned and operated Southside Quail Farm was established in 1987 starting with 500 birds. Over the years we have improved our quality and increased in birds. We are currently growing over 30,000 mature; flight conditioned Bobwhite Quail, 4500 Ringneck pheasants and 2000 chukars.

Although we have grown in business, our goal is to produce quality birds and to insure customer satisfaction. Many improvements have been made in our grow out operation to minimize disease possibilities. With a strong vaccination program, we can insure our customers a healthy, disease-free, flight conditioned bird. We are continuously updating so we can provide you with the finest quality in Bobwhite Quail. Management practices such as specialized nutritionally balanced feed, worming and vaccination schedules are why Southside Quail Farm is setting the standard for raising Bobwhite Quail, Ringneck pheasants and chukars.

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Contact Ronnie by phone 228.832.3984 or 228.860.6121


Member of:

  • Mississippi Game Bird Association
  • North American Game Bird Association

Contact Ronnie by phone 228.832.3984 or 228.860.6121 for orders.

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